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Admissions Policy

Download the Eden Primary Admissions Policy 2016 (consultation)

Admissions criteria

After the admission of children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs which names the school, places will be allocated in the following order of priority:

  1. Looked after children and previously looked after children.
  2. Children whose social or medical needs are needs that the School can reasonably meet and which are such that they cannot be met sufficiently at another school.
  3. Children with a sibling on the roll of the school at the time of the proposed admission.
  4. Children of those founding Directors who have been granted permission by the Secretary of State for Education to have priority status on the grounds that they played a pivotal role in creating the school and have continued to work closely with it.*

Remaining Places

50% of remaining places will be allocated to children living nearest to the school as measured in a straight line from the child’s front door to the main entrance of the school, regardless of faith based criteria.

The other 50% of remaining places are allocated to children who meet the requirements of the faith based criteria, living closet to the school as measured in a straight line from the child’s front door to the main entrance of the school.

Faith Based Places Criteria

To qualify for a faith-based place, proof of Jewish practice must be provided in one of the following ways:

  • Membership of a synagogue or other organised Jewish prayer group.
  • Attendance by a parent / carer or child at a minimum of 4 synagogue or other organised Jewish prayer group services in the 12 months before the closing date for admissions.
  • A child’s enrolment in formal Jewish education (either at nursery or pre-school having a Jewish character) for at least 6 months in the 12 months before the closing date for admissions.
  • A parent / carer’s regular (at least monthly) involvement as a volunteer in any Jewish communal, charitable or welfare activity of at least a year’s duration in the 2 years before the closing date for admissions.
  •  A parent/carer’s regular (at least 6 individual occurrences) involvement in any combination of the following in the year before the closing date for admissions:

a) Private religious celebration in your own home of Shabbat or Jewish festivals.

b) Organized Jewish learning (eg London Jewish Cultural Centre courses, Limmud sessions, Jewish Museum courses).

c) Organized Jewish community activities (eg Mitzvah Day, Jewish Community Centre events).


* The Department for Education defines this category as: founding directors who have been a pivotal part of a core group founding the school and who continue to play a significant role in the running of the school since its opening. This category will only be awarded in exceptional cases where these particular tests are met, and each applicant will be considered individually by the Secretary of State. A list of those admitted under these conditions is available from the school on request.