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Apply for a place at Eden Primary

Please note that Wednesday 15th January was the deadline for 2019 applications.

It’s nearly time to think about your application for Reception for 2020.

Children born between 01 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 can start school in September 2020. If your child was born between those dates, read on to find out what to do.

Primary school applications for 2020 opens in September 2019. The closing deadline will be in January 2020. The timetable for this will be posted here in due course. 


Download and complete our Supplementary Information Form. Please note that Wednesday 15th January was the deadline for 2019 applications.

A new form for September 2020 applications will be posted here in due course.

This form enables us to apply our admissions policy of admitting 50% of pupils on an open (distance) basis and 50% on the basis of Jewish practice.

The tie-breaker for all criteria is children living closest to the school as measured in a straight line from the child’s front door to the main entrance of the school. If there are 2 or more applications that are equidistant, random allocation (supervised by a person independent of the school) will be used to decide between them.

It is not a legal requirement that you fill in this form. Without it you are still eligible for an ‘Open’ place at Eden Primary.

However if you do practise Judaism in any one of the ways specified in our Supplementary Information Form then you should complete the form. (That is, any ONE of the following: synagogue attendance or membership, voluntary work in the Jewish community, previous attendance by your child at a Jewish nursery, or regular observance of Shabbat or other Jewish festivals in your own home.)

Before filling in the form, please make sure that you have read and understood our Admissions Policy.

For an overview you can visit our General Information page.


After filling in the Supplementary Information form, please either send in the post or scan and email  it to us.  We are unable to send routine acknowledgments immediately,  but if you wish to check that your form has arrived please email to check and allow several days for a response.

The email address is:

The postal address is:

School Administrator
Eden Primary
79 Creighton Avenue
London N10 1NR


Fill in the standard primary school application form from your local authority. This form allows you to list up to six schools in order of preference.

Note: if you put Eden Primary as first preference and you are not initially offered a place, you will remain on the waiting list and may be offered a place a few weeks later. If you put another school as first preference, and you are offered a place there, then you will not be kept on the Eden waiting list.

Your local authority will provide you with the necessary form and can give more information if anything is not clear.  As Eden Primary is in Haringey, the information about our school can be found here.

Please apply using the e Admissions website which coordinates applications across all the London boroughs.

The closing date for applications is in January (date tbc).  If you make a late application, you will automatically go on to a waiting list.