A Jewish school where everyone is welcome

Quality contributions

Jewish schools request a regular contribution from parents. This is because government funding covers only the basic curriculum, so any additional features have to be paid for independently. In Jewish schools these additional elements have traditionally been salaries for teachers of Hebrew and Jewish Education, as well as items of Judaica.

We have a similar system at Eden Primary, and it’s designed to enhance the educational experience of every child in the school, Jewish or not Jewish.

In our case the contributions are intended to have a cross-communal impact. Since diversity is at the heart of Eden Primary, our voluntary contributions enhance not just the Jewish teaching but, on top of that, every part of our children’s education and the unique ethos of Eden Primary. We call it our ‘Quality Contribution’ since it enhances the quality of every aspect of school life, such as special events, music resources, playground equipment, library books, educational trips, outdoor education,  resources for Jewish studies and Hebrew education, mezzuzzot and menorahs, as well as staff with specialist skills, and many other aspects – including a small percentage retained as a fund to help needy families.

The Quality Contribution is also a great way for everyone to become genuinely involved in providing their children with the best possible education, as well as supporting other families in our community.

It’s important to bear in mind that this voluntary contribution is exactly what it says: voluntary. Nobody is obliged to contribute, and all children will benefit equally, whether their parents pay a QC or not.

The annual amount is calculated on the basis of projected income, planned expenditure and numbers of children in the school. Currently our QC is £508 per child per term (less for those with more than one child in the school).