A Jewish school where everyone is welcome

Staff List 2017-18

Senior Leadership Team

Jo Sassienie Head Teacher FT
Helen Graff Deputy Head Teacher – Science and Maths subject leader 0.7
Carrie Goodwin Inclusion lead 0.8 (maternity leave)
Sam Rothwell Maternity Leave cover for Carrie Goodwin 0.4 Mondays and Thursdays
Vacancy School Business Manager 0.8/FT



Yifat Johnson Reception class teacher, Jewish Education subject leader 0.8
Emily Daines Reception class teacher, EYFS leader 0.4
Martin Lubich Year 1 class teacher, Computing subject leader FT
Lucy Gerber Year 2 class teacher, PSHE subject leader FT
Lynsey Taylor Year 3 class teacher 0.4
Sara Marshall Year 3 class teacher, NQT FT
Megan Greene Year 4 class teacher, Music subject leader FT
Laura Proffitt Year 5 class teacher, Humanities subject leader FT
Paula Granger Year 6 class teacher, English subject leader 0.8
Santi Perez-Rodriguez Year 6 cover teacher FT
Eli Abu Years 1-6 Hebrew teacher 0.7
Laura Fox Artist 0.7
Avivit Katzil Song leader 0.1
Noa Yovel Shinshin (Israeli gap year student) 0.4


Teaching Assistants

Angelina Spyrou Reception HLTA
Grace Park SEN TA in Year 3
Bina Yadav SEN TA in Reception, TA in Year 1
Barbara Komlos TA in Years 1, 4 and 6
Justyna Krzychowiec TA in Year 5 and 6, SEN Ta in Year 3
Kamali Freedman TA in Year 2, SEN TA in Reception and Interventions
Zsuzsanna Decsak SEN SMSA, general SMSA and volunteer TA in Year 1



Andrea Collett Admin Officer FT
Genie Khmelnitski Admin Officer (temp cover for Andrea Collett FT
Lina Miteva Admin Assistant 0.6



Moses Kirosingh Premises Manager FT



Martyne Burman The Cooking Crew Contract
Julia McGechan The Cooking Crew Contract
Raquel Mendez SMSA Contract


Outside Professionals Working at Eden

Kate Hesketh Occupational Therapist