A Jewish school where everyone is welcome


Aims of an Eden Primary Education

The curriculum is at the heart of Eden Primary and:

  • Is broad, balanced, relevant and coherent
  • Reflects the diversity of Jewish life
  • Reflects a multi-cultural, diverse, interdependent and global society
  • Encourages a commitment to lifelong learning
  • Prepares children to participate fully in Jewish life
  • Prepares learners for the opportunities, responsibilities of real life experiences
  • Prepares children to give and care for others

The curriculum at Eden Primary always includes:

  • Awareness and celebration of difference and diversity
  • An open Jewish education where interpretation and questioning is valued
  • Learning about a variety of religions, races and cultures
  • Quality relationships within a caring and emotionally responsive community
  • Jewish, British and universal values
  • Concern for equal opportunities and safety
  • High expectations of the learning environment
  • Spiritual, moral and cultural dimensions
  • The intrinsic joy and celebration of achievement and success

Curriculum delivery incorporates thematic and subject-based approaches in order to capitalise on the strengths of both, allied to the age- and development-related needs of pupils and the professional judgment of teachers, remaining mindful of the needs of assessment regimes as may apply from time to time.

The school follows the NC in English, Maths and Science. Children participate in tests that are part of statutory requirements for assessment, though the philosophy of the school does not support excessive testing of pupils. Screening tests may be used to measure progress and identify specific learning issues presented by pupils.