A Jewish school where everyone is welcome

A Diverse Community of Learners

Eden Primary is an innovative, diverse, unaffiliated learning community where children and their families from all backgrounds across the entire Jewish community and from the wider community are welcomed and learn together.

While always recognising the centrality of Jewish learning and values in the school, the curriculum and the approach to teaching and learning looks widely and explicitly at the religions, denominations, races, cultures and backgrounds of all the students who attend the school as well as those represented in the wider local and global community.

Families and children have significant opportunities to bring their own experiences and backgrounds into the school and these are reflected in the school’s curriculum, environment, and learning experiences. Jewish children are educated about their own background within a wider context of the backgrounds of others within their community.

The curriculum actively looks at and reflects upon diversity and difference as opportunities for understanding, celebrating and valuing others, building relationships and learning. Common, shared and universal values are recognised, while valuing the particular backgrounds, heritage and traditions. Children learn about their lives, become part of a diverse community and relate to the wider world.