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Inclusion & Assessment

At Eden Primary we strive to be an inclusive school, engendering a sense of community and belonging through our inclusive ethos, broad and balanced curriculum, systems for early identification of barriers to learning and our challenging but realistic targets for children.

Children with SEN will be, as far as is practical, fully integrated into mainstream classes. Every effort will be made to ensure that they have maximum access to our full curriculum and are integrated into all aspects of the life of the school.

Close attention is paid to the individual student and his and her learning needs. The school works closely with each child and their parents/carers to set goals based on previous learning through observation and careful reflection as to what is the next developmentally appropriate step. Children’s learning, growth, development, challenge and progress will be recorded in portfolios and journals developed by teachers and students working together. Each child will have opportunities to reflect on their learning and participate in the process of documenting their work and assessing their own performance. Teachers keep detailed anecdotal evidence and data gleaned from assessment and observation for each child. Attainment levels and progress is assessed and tracked with regard to the school’s policy and statutory requirements. In order to promote learning and success for every child.

Classes are organised to allow for whole class and small group work with a teacher both in mixed ability and ability groups as needed, and for conferencing one on one with children to ensure for plenty of opportunities for focused teaching and learning as well as continuous assessment . Curriculum units have built in projects and learning experiences to assess skills and learning. Work is differentiated as necessary and accommodations are made depending on subjects. Children will be challenged at their own level all of the time in order to take the next step on a trajectory of growth and development. Feedback and a positive approach to learning enable students to feel confident and competent at all times. They understand and appreciate their own talents, strengths and challenges and are sensitive to those of others.