A Jewish school where everyone is welcome

Conversations with Parents

“It’s the most nurturing environment. It’s a creative environment. The effort and energy that Jo and the teachers are putting in to the children, and the way they are learning, is so impressive and incredible. My daughter – and all the children – are coming out happy, excited and interested in what they’ve been doing. We feel as parents very privileged that our daughter is able to experience this in her first year of school.”

“My daughter is now in her second week at Eden Primary and is incredibly happy. It has an amazing ethos and as such seems to have brought together an amazing group of families. Having had the opportunity to talk to other parents in the playground this week we were all expressing how lucky and privileged we feel that our children have places at this school, and that we will be part of this growing community. The positive impact Eden will have will be far-reaching for generations to come.”

“My son has only been at the school for a few weeks but is happy and excited to attend each day. He has told me that he has learnt about caring and different emotions just highlighting the focus the school places on his social and emotional development which provides a good grounding for rest of his learning. There are lots of knowledgeable teachers and staff around the school at all times to field any questions for new and anxious parents. Being a working parent I was concerned about the slow settling in process but now that we are going through it I see that it is an important, considered and well thought out process. I am also excited by the opportunity to become part of the Eden community of families teaching our children warm, community values.”

“It’s a very diverse and inclusive environment, and our son really wants to come to school. We’ve been very happy about how the school has facilitated access to our son’s therapies; how fantastic Ellika has been at liaising with therapists and just making it happen in a natural way.”

“As a parent I wanted to ensure you knew what a difference you have made to our family. We are so happy with the way things are going. While there is so much to acknowledge, there are two things I wanted to point out that really show us we are in a different and special environment. The first is the scooter park. The parents really appreciated that you listened to their and the children’s requests and made it happen. The second is that our son seems to have really started to build a relationship with all the teaching staff. I assumed the head would be Ms Sassienie to him, and I was stumbling with him yesterday to find a way to refer to her when he explained that he was allowed to call her Jo. It really says something to me that you and your staff have the confidence to communicate in this way with our children. Words will never be able to express our thanks and our gratitude for your actions and your attitudes.”

“One of the things I have loved is how warm and welcoming everything is. Not just for children but for parents as well. We are constantly updated and kept abreast of all goings-on. It’s a really lovely environment.”

“I wanted to thank you for all the effort your team puts into settling the children. My son met his previous nursery teacher in shul and told her proudly ‘I am now in Eden and I don’t have to come to nursery ever again’ 🙂 He is so proud and happy to be there! Thank you.”

“[Following Yom Kippur learning]: Our daughter has been “forgiving” her little sister when she takes her toys and recently poked a fork into her forehead. So funny: initial usual outburst of anger followed by “I forgive you”. She then tries to explain the importance of forgiving. Brilliant. She seems to love school, is very excited in the morning. Exhausted by the end of the day. I love the sheets that you have done with the day’s learning feedback.

When we took the decision to send our son to Eden, it was not without some trepidation. There was no track record, no building, no teachers, nothing to look at or see. We went with our gut feeling and decided to give it a shot.

I cannot state to you strongly enough how thrilled we are with our decision.

He has had the most wonderful experience and start to school – pastorally, academically, socially. You set out clearly at our parents’ meeting in September what your objectives were for the reception class for that academic year. To be honest, I thought they were ambitious. I have sat in similar meetings at other schools and accepted that 50% of this will not happen. I now believe you delivered on every aspect of your promises.

You focused on the emotional and pastoral milestones that reception children needed to meet; this was a huge focus for the year and our son has now got the confidence, security and independence to learn effectively. You talked about the way phonics and numeracy would be taught. He is reading fluently and with confidence and I can honestly say for us it felt like he ‘woke up reading’ one day…he loved the way it was taught and felt like he was participating in the most exciting game. You talked about educating the kids through the theme of building their community, and this was delivered throughout the curriculum.

I think your communication is also excellent with parents – I particularly value the daily newssheet which means that even if I get home at 7pm I can have a meaningful chat with my son about what happened to him during the day and what he was learning.

You have been responsive to feedback but firm in your views and values – and I know how challenging a balance this can be to achieve. And all this whilst managing a significant building project.

The end of year report written by the teacher showed a level of detail and understanding of our son as a person that we literally could not believe anyone who wasn’t his parent could know.

Thank you for the care and devotion you and your incredible staff team are giving to the Eden children.”