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How we decide what resources we can give to a child/young person with special educational needs? 

Part of the school’s budget is for support for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. This is a fixed amount and we use the money as cost effectively as possible, making sure that we can give help to all the children who require it. We keep records as to the cost effectiveness of the different programmes we use and use these records – as well as national data in order to ensure we get value for money.

We have clear criteria for the support we can provide for children based on their level of need. We provide additional support for children who are over a year behind the expected level for their age in literacy and mathematics or where they have language, physical or social and emotional difficulties which are impacting their ability to access the curriculum or school life. Decisions about whether a child will receive additional support are made based on the thresholds similar to those used in other local schools.

Decisions about which intervention programmes are best for a child with special education needs are made by the Inclusion Leader in consultation with the child’s class teacher, any specialists working with the child and their parents/carers. These are approved by the Head Teacher. All interventions are short term and reviewed at least termly. Parents/carers are encouraged to participate in this decision making progress at the child’s termly review meeting or by phone/email. The whole child is considered when making these decisions and support may need to be balanced to ensure the child receives an effective programme.

In exceptional circumstances, when a child has complex special educational needs, we may not be able to meet a child’s needs from our own funds. In those cases we will request they be considered for an Education Health Care Plan from the local authority in order to provide additional funds to support them. Parents can do this too. The Inclusion Leader is happy to discuss this in more detail if parents wish.