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How we include children/young people in activities and school trips

All trips, outings and extra-curricular activities that we plan are suitable for children with special educational needs and or disabilities. As part of the planning process for a school trip or special activity, teachers carry out a detailed risk assessment, children’s individual needs are considered and the appropriate steps are taken to ensure all children will be safe and can access the learning from the activity.

Parents or carers may be consulted as part of this process before arrangements are finalised. If parents are concerned about any aspect of an activity they are encouraged to talk with the teacher concerned so that appropriate adjustments can be made.

Our school environment

 At Eden we are committed to creating inclusive physical environments in which all children are comfortable and have their needs met. Our school was built in 2012 and is fully accessible for children with mobility issues. There are disabled toilets available close to the school office and changing facilities can be provided if needed. There is a disabled parking space on site for visitors with mobility issues.

We currently have a space within our school which is equipped for use by the school occupational therapist and physiotherapist with specialist sensory integration equipment. In school we have a range of equipment designed to support the development of children’s co-ordination and motor skills in class. However, if a child requires additional equipment we are able to get this through specialist services such as Occupational Therapy or as part of the child’s personal support plan.