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Health & Wellbeing

Support we offer for children’s/young people’s health and general wellbeing

Children need to be happy and able to behave appropriately to learn well. All of our teaching staff work with children in their classes on social skills, behaviour and well-being. We have a strong social, moral, spiritual and cultural ethos which is embedded across our entire curriculum and is used to support pupil’s emotional well-being. If a child has a particular difficulty, their class teacher will have help from colleagues such as the Head teacher, Inclusion Leader, School Child Psychotherapist or teaching assistants to help support the child.

Eden Primary has clear anti-bullying, behaviour and diversity policies in place. If a child has particular behaviour difficulties an Individual Behaviour Plan for the child will be designed to identify the cause of the problem and support the child to avoid him/her disrupting his/her own – or others, learning and prevent exclusion. Parents/carers and the child (if they are able) are encouraged to contribute to this plan. This plan is shared with all staff to ensure the child’s behaviour is managed consistently.

If a child has a medical need, the parents and Inclusion Leader, in consultation with the school nurse, (if necessary) complete a medical care plan to ensure the child’s medical or personal needs are met in school. Staff regularly receive training to ensure they are able to confidently manage pupils’ medical and personal needs.

Children do not make good progress if their attendance is poor. All children’s attendance is monitored half termly. The Head Teacher meets with the parents/carers of any child whose attendance is causing concern and a plan is put in place identifying the cause of the problem and supporting the family to ensure the child’s attendance improves.

At Eden, we encourage children to have a voice in decision making about their school. Groups of children are regularly consulted about what they enjoy and would like to see improved in school. Children are also involved in decision making processes regarding improving issues such as playtime behaviour, lunchtimes etc.