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How we identify if a child/young person has special educational needs?

During the summer term before children start at the school, we write to all the parents/carers to ask them to let us know if their child has a disability or if they feel they may have any special educational needs. The Inclusion Leader meets with these families and any specialists that have been working with their children so that we have a clear understanding of the child’s strengths, abilities and needs and can put in place the right support.

If a child has special educational needs, it is important that they get the support they need as soon as possible. In order to make sure any special needs not known about before starting school are identified early, we work at getting to know all the pupils really well during the first month of school, by observing them carefully, interacting with them closely in small groups and setting up a series of assessment activities for them to participate in. The classteacher meets with all the families during the first half term and any concerns can be shared at this meeting and support planned.

Children’s needs can and often do change over time as they grow and develop or the needs of the curriculum change. We have termly assessment and monitoring procedures throughout the children’s time at Eden which are designed to identify any children who develop special educational needs during the primary school years. Children often struggle with a particular area of school life or learning and may require additional support; this does not mean they have special educational needs. If the additional support does not resolve their difficulties, this may mean they do have a special educational need. The classteacher will discuss any concerns we might have with parents/carers. If parents or carers are concerned about their child’s development, they are always welcome to make an appointment with their child’s class teacher to talk.