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What we do to help children with special educational needs.

At Eden we have developed a wide range of ways in which we support children with different special educational needs or disabilities, which we implement using the following procedure.

  1. We identify what the particular problem is and the class teacher and Inclusion Leader meet with the parents/carers to discuss their child’s needs.
  2. We agree a programme of support that is carefully targeted on the particular area(s) of difficulty. This describes what we will do to support the child and what we hope the support will achieve. To see whether the support is working we set a time frame and review how things are going. This is written down in an Individual Support Plan (ISP). The programme of support may include specialist equipment, special ways of working with the child in class or additional group or individual work with a teaching assistant or teacher. It will also include ways that the family can support the child out of school.
  3. We create a personal profile for the child which is a clear accessible form of sharing the important information with all the relevant staff.
  4. We review the Personal Support Plan at least every term with the parents or carers and child if this is appropriate.

How we adapt our teaching for children/young people with special educational needs

Children with special educational needs are taught alongside the other children in the class and lessons are designed to be inclusive so that all the children in the class learn and make progress. We do this by planning what are called ‘differentiated’ lessons. This means that different children may have different learning goals, different resources or different support in the same lesson.  The teacher uses a combination of different ways to group the children depending on the lessons.  These may be ability groups, mixed ability groups or groups based on other criteria (such as friendships). The curriculum is varied and teaching is planned to provide all children with opportunities to develop their strengths and shine as well as to support their weaknesses.

Every classteacher is responsible for the planning, monitoring and teaching of all the children in their class, including those with special educational needs. Where children have particular needs, teachers and teaching assistants receive training and support to meet these needs from our experienced Inclusion Leader or other specialists.