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How we check that a child/young person is making progress and how we keep parents informed?

In addition to the whole school assessment programme where teachers assess children’s attainment and progress against national expectations in literacy and mathematics, we undertake a number of additional measures to ensure pupils with special educational needs are making progress.

Expectations of each individual’s progress are agreed at the beginning of an intervention or in a pupil support review meeting each term. Staff working with the children, are aware of these targets and are continually evaluating the children’s progress and whether they feel the child is likely to achieve them. Where they do not feel this is likely – they seek advice from the inclusion leader to identify possible barriers to learning and measures that can be taken to address these.

At the end of a period of support, the child’s attainment will be assessed and compared to where they were before the interventions so that progress can be evaluated. This assessment may be in the form of measures such as counting behavioural incidents, assessing standardised reading ages, identifying maths skills achieved or considering performance in class – with the parents/carers at the termly pupil support meeting if the pupil is on the SEND register or via email/letter/phone call if the child is not. The staff member providing additional support will also liaise more frequently with the parents/carers during an intervention if this is helpful.