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The training our staff receive

At Eden Primary we have a minimum of 3 hours per year of whole staff training focused on special educational needs. The training takes place on INSET days or as part of our weekly continuous professional development. This training is focused on ensuring that all staff:

  • Understand different special educational needs
  • Know how to plan their lessons in such a way that is appropriate for children with special educational needs
  • Know how to support the emotional needs of all children (including those with special educational needs)
  • Understand the importance of and develop the skills for working with parents and carers

In addition to this individual staff receive training that is relevant to the children they are working with or the subject that they are teaching. This training may be from the Inclusion Leader, more experienced colleagues, outside specialists or via local authority or other training courses. In the last three years, staff have received training on inclusive practice at Eden, children’s physical development and ways to support children with difficulties in this area, personalised learning, supporting children with medical difficulties and supporting children with behavioural difficulties.

Specific staff have received training on assessing and supporting pupils with dyslexia, supporting pupils with Downs Syndrome, teaching phonic interventions, using Numicon to support pupils who struggle with mathematics. Governors have also received training with regard to special needs and the law.