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How we prepare for children/young people joining our school and leaving our school

Children joining our school in Reception are visited at home by their teacher and teaching assistant. During this home school visit, staff begin to form a relationship with the child and parents. They complete a questionnaire designed to provide valuable information for staff regarding the child’s development.

The children come to school with their parents or carers initially in small groups for short periods of time. As they become settled and form relationships with the adults and children in their class, they stay for longer periods on their own in bigger groups. The speed at which this happens will be dependent on the individual needs of the child.

In addition to this, where children have a known special educational need or disability, the Inclusion Leader or Class Teacher will visit them in their existing setting in the summer term of their Nursery year. They will try wherever possible to attend a meeting with the nursery staff, parents and any specialists to plan the support the child will need in Reception. At this meeting, it may be recommended that the child visits Eden before starting in Reception as part of a transition programme.

If your child is moving to another school or is in Year 6, the school will arrange to meet with the SENCo, or where that is not possible, speak to the school on the telephone. Relevant records will be passed on.

If a child with special educational needs were to leave us to move to another school for personal reasons, we would liaise with the new school regarding the pupil’s needs and forward all relevant paperwork to ensure the work started at Eden would be continued in the next.