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Year 3 trip to the Verulamium Museum: Wed 1 February 2017

Year 3 spent the day at the Verulamium museum finding out about the Romans.

They discovered that St Albans was a Roman town and they spent the first part of the morning exploring the museum finding out all about the lives of those people who lived in Verulamium. The children particularly enjoyed looking at Roman coins and playing some Roman games. After time in the museum the children took part in a workshop. They dressed up as Romans and were given Roman names.

They then had to go shopping for Roman items in a market. They discovered what foods the Romans liked to eat as well as some of the medical instruments they used! After lunch the class went to visit an original Roman villa which is in the Verulamium park. In the middle of the villa is a beautiful Roman mosaic which the children took some inspiration from for their own mosaics back at school.