PE and sport premium was introduced in 2013 to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools across England. The funding is allocated directly to school through the DFE and is restricted funding which may only be spent on improving the provision of PE and sport in schools. Schools are free to choose how they spend the funding within the DFE guidelines.

Schools must use the funding to make additional and maintainable improvements to the quality of PE and sports offered to their pupils, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.

Funding allocations are calculated on a basis of pupil numbers in years 1-6 which are recorded in the January census. The school will receive £16,000 and an addition of £10 per pupil. Eden Primary received a total of £17,630.00 in 2022/2023 and are expected to receive the same in 2023/2024.

Eden Primary aim to use the PE and sports premium funding to improve the quality of our sports provisions, including the teaching of PE as well as extracurricular sports activities and outdoors education. We also aim to use the funding to make additions to our sports equipment, our playtime and outdoor education equipment and our playground facilities.

To meet these aims Eden Primary usually employs an additional sports coach team (Kickabout), who work alongside our teachers providing CPD and active PE lessons for children. Kickabout organise tournaments outside of school regularly that Eden Primary pupils are able to attend. Eden Primary also organise PE and sports events throughout the year, such as sports day and athlete visits to motivate children. We ensure that there is a sufficient amount of sports equipment available at the school for teachers and coaches to be able to produce high quality PE lessons.

By investing in equipment and CPD this year we are planning for the future. This equipment will enable staff to teach high quality lessons and should not need replacing for a number of years. The CPD will also help staff to build knowledge and skills to provide a wider range of sports to be taught in PE.

At Eden Primary we recognise the value of PE, sports and a healthy lifestyle and hope that the PE and sports premium funding will enable us to teach this to our pupils successfully and at a high standard.

Expected Spend 2023/2024

PE and Sports Premium Expected Spend 2023/2024

Item/ServiceEstimated CostsObjective
Kickabout Football Classes Coaching and tournaments.£7000To provide sports coaches for PE lessons. Also providing CPD for teachers to help develop a wider sports and PE curriculum at the school. Organising the participation in interschool tournaments.
Sports Day  £1000  Space to run Eden Primary Sports Day. Plus equipment for events.
Haringey Sports Development Trust Schools competition affiliation£60  Haringey inter-schools competition opportunity
Sports Equipment£1000  To provide the correct equipment to help teachers deliver high quality lessons.  
Maccabi sports competitions£100    Jewish schools inter-schools competition opportunity
Equipment for lessons  £5570Equipment for classes to enhance the use of the new playground.  
Sports equipment for play times£3100  To enhance the activities and encourage sports and games during break time.  
Total spend in 2023/2024£17630 

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