At Eden, we intend for our learners to gain and maintain positive attitudes towards their physical education, becoming accomplished physical beings and confident, thinking beings. We encourage our children to experience the joy of moving and the desire to be physically active, develop resilience and take pride in their accomplishments.

Our intention for our children is to:

  • Give them self-confidence
  • Help them understand how their bodies work and take joy in this
  • Include them: help them socialise now and throughout their lives
  • Make a significant contribution to getting them fit and keeping them fit
  • Help them use their bodies safely
  • Enthuse them about physical exercise
  • Give them enjoyment and pride in what they can do
  • Introduce them to the widest possible range of sports and activities that they can pursue

We strive to evolve our learners so that they can be smart, skilled participants and performers. Our expectations of improvement and high success concentrate on what can be learnt: we expect that all our children become increasingly able physical beings with great coordination, balance and agility, and increasingly competent decision-makers in their use of tactics and strategies, compositions and choreographies, and their knowledge of exercise programming for health and wellbeing.

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