Information on how we assess a child's progress at Eden Primary School.

The purpose of the assessment policy is to:

  • Achieve consistency in assessment and performance monitoring across the school and the curriculum.
  • Establish a rigorous system of assessment and measuring achievement to ensure that children are making good progress and attaining at ambitious levels.
  • Ensure that all pupils progress well from their starting points and achieve or exceed standards expected for their age nationally
  • Continue the use of Target Tracker as the school’s current system for tracking progress, monitoring achievement and setting targets for individuals and groups of pupils.
  • Ensure that assessment is clearly related to relevant performance descriptors within Target Tracker, the EYFS curriculum, the National Curriculum and other aspects of the school’s general studies curriculum.
  • Give clear guidelines to staff on the assessment of children’s work and performance and related administrative tasks
  • Set clear expectations and assessment criteria for both staff and children.
  • Define roles and responsibilities to ensure that assessments are undertaken in a timely, appropriate and accurate manner.

This policy must be read in conjunction with the following policies:

  • Marking and Feedback Policy
  • Presentation Policy
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