Our intention at Eden Primary is that when children leave our community they do so with the knowledge, understanding, emotions and skills to be able to play an active role in today’s society. The curriculum will equip children for life after Eden, in both Secondary School and the real world.

Our school values: excellence, responsibility, respect, community and creativity, underpin our
PSHE curriculum. We want our children to have high aspirations, a belief in themselves and realise
that anything is possible if they put their mind to it. The PSHE curriculum is engaging and provides
opportunities to spark interest, passion, and curiosity from pupils.

PSHE is taught in a variety of ways and can be integrated into subjects such as Jewish Education,
Computing, Maths or Writing. The topics covered provide the opportunity for a variety of teaching
and working methods. Lessons could be facilitated through discussion, debate, mindfulness, play
or sport for example. All these different methods provide different skills and experiences, for pupils
to engage with. Through these lessons children will understand their rights and responsibilities.
The classroom community will mean pupils are engaged, respectful, and to sometimes have
challenging conversations.

We foster and encourage resilience, determination, respect and independence. This happens
through learning and discussing about our own mental and physical health, social awareness and
respect. All pupils will be confident thinkers and to face challenges in a confident and reflective

PHSE Curriculum

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