Welcome to Year 3 - Anafim (Branches)

Anafim (Branches)

In Key Stage 2 children branch out, strengthening and building confidence as they pursue their interests and become increasingly powerful and creative learners.

Class names at Eden Primary relate to the theme of the Garden of Eden or Gan Eden in the story of creation told in the first book of the bible, Bereishit/Genesis after which the school is named.

God made all kinds of trees that were pleasing to the eye in a garden or paradise that was beautiful and diverse. Trees, like our pupils, grow and blossom in a rich and fertile place that is harmonious and happy.

Our class names represent the growth of a tree or of each cohort or of each individual child at Eden. This is also linked to our commitment to learn about and care for nature and the environment…the significance and importance of an orchard where seeds are nurtured and flourish growing into fully grown, varied and productive trees.

Staff Members

Elena Moinescu

Year 3 – Anafim (Buds) Teacher

Eli Abu

Hebrew Teacher

Yahel Goren


Lucie Chromkova

Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Breakfast Club

Upcoming Events

26 June 2024
Sports Day
June 26
24 July 2024
25 July 2024
Inset Day
July 25
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