At Eden, children perform very highly in national tests and benefit from a rich, creative curriculum. Our aim is for children to leave Eden having achieved as well as they possibly could – and our test scores, above national levels, bear this out. Government league tables can be quite confusing, which is why we like to present our results to you here. There are some important points to be aware of.

Interpreting the tables

Eden is a one form entry school where there are only a maximum of thirty children in each year group.  One child represents between 3 and 4%, depending on the exact number of children in the class.

In a small school that becomes very significant. Our data will be very different year to year. Numbers of children in the class whose first language is not English, numbers of children with Special Educational Needs, children who haven’t been at the school for very long – all these factors will vary year to year and will make a big difference to results.

Quality Assurance (Assessment Moderation)

Our Assistant Headteacher and English lead, Laura Proffitt, is a qualified assessment moderator who visits other schools and meets with other teachers to check their judgements. Each year our scores, assessments and results are moderated alongside other Haringey schools either through meetings or visits to school. This confirms that assessment and moderation practice is effective in our school: our teachers’ judgements, and our systems for checking them, are solid. At the last school visit, Haringey Local Authority commended the accuracy of our judgements and the standards and progress achieved.

In 2022 our School Improvement Partner agreed that our results are outstanding.

Links to more information on attainment and progress

For more information on progress and attainment at Eden Primary and how it compares to other schools, please visit the DfE schools’ performance website at:

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