Children will regularly explore and investigate local parks and woods as outside classrooms.

The curriculum includes a cross-curricular programme that will cut across a range of subjects and disciplines in both Jewish and secular studies such as science, the humanities, Jewish education and literacy that will cover ecology, awareness of the environment and green issues, woodcraft skills and outdoor education.

In addition from Year 3 the children participate in yearly camping experiences to develop their love and understanding of the outdoors and nature and to develop inner resources, independence, self esteem, confidence, fitness, and the ability to work and cooperate with and depend upon others. We take each class (age 7 and up), once a year, for a one-week nature camp to live in a field, away from the trappings of modern life. This is a vital and wonderful experience for them.

In this way we study ecology and nature in the city for example in city farm and ecological playgrounds as well as further afield in the countryside. The school will bring city and suburban children into contact with nature so that they gain a respect and love for nature as well as a sense of responsibility for it. This enhances learning across the curriculum and is connected in many ways to both the Jewish and secular education and values of the school. These trips also help children develop confidence and an independent spirit.

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