The school’s cross-communal/post-denominational Jewish ethos and values embrace children from across the spectrum of Jewish belief and the wider community in which we live on an equal basis. Jewish values and equivalent universal and British values are embedded in all that we do. Jewish culture, fluency, knowledge and traditions are taught in an inclusive and open way alongside the culture and traditions of other religions so that all children can feel valued in our school.

Inclusive learning:

Eden enables every child to develop their true potential by recognising and meeting their individual needs in an inclusive and caring school environment.

Innovation and excellence in education: 

Eden strives for academic excellence achieved through an innovative curriculum incorporating both Jewish and general studies with high expectations of achievement for all children. A love of learning motivated by creativity, curiosity, wonder and achievement is at the core of our approach to teaching and learning.

Learning from diversity: 

Eden promotes Jewish teaching as a source of inspiration and knowledge, while inspiring respect, understanding and positive relations across the Jewish and wider community. Children of different backgrounds and beliefs feel treasured and learn from and value diversity and difference.

Outdoor education: 

Eden fosters a love of nature, the environment and outdoor activity so that the children develop self-confidence and learn how to enjoy, protect and take responsibility for the world around them.

Commitment to this ethos leads us to strive for thoughtfulness, reflection and sustained excellence building a strong learning community of children and adults within a new model of Jewish education.

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