At Eden Primary we warmly embrace children and families from across the spectrum of religious practice and knowledge, and children and families who are not Jewish. All children participate fully in all aspects of Jewish and religious education.

‘Eden Primary: A Jewish School where everyone is welcome.’

Our commitment to Jewish Education is to ensure that the religious education curriculum and life at Eden enables all children and their families to feel valued, included and well-educated regardless of how they are involved in Jewish life outside school.

This is the beginning of a life-long journey for a child and their family, and we encourage families to embark on this journey with Eden Primary, a compelling and vibrant Jewish community that includes all.

At Eden staff take into consideration the variety of practice, belief and knowledge within each class so that all learners feel comfortable and are able to participate. Children and their families celebrate and learn from the diversity of religious practice and background found within our community of families.

For further information please read the policy below:

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