All children at Eden eat lunch in our dining hall (Cafe Eden) where meals are lovingly prepared by Caterplus, a national company working with several Jewish schools. Always using fresh kosher (fleishich/meaty or vegetarian ingredients), lunch each day is followed by a dessert or fruit, and there is additional salad, bread and fruit available.

We are committed to providing freshly cooked food, served ‘family style’. This shared Café Eden lunch-time gives us the opportunity to help develop children’s enjoyment of food, social skills, sense of responsibility, and also food knowledge. All the children take part in laying tables, serving one-another and clearing. Children enjoy lunch in mixed aged groups.

Café Eden is thoughtful and attentive when managing children’s individual dietary requirements such as allergies and intolerances.

If your child requires a medical diet due to a diagnosed food allergy, diagnosed food intolerance or a medical condition requiring an adapted menu (e.g. carbohydrate count for Type 1 Diabetes), please follow this link to request a medical diet. For further support, please refer to the following document: ‘CaterPlus Medical Diet Menus – A Guide for Parents, Guardians & Carers’.

Kindly note, you DO NOT need to make a request for dietary preferences, or for the following diets: vegan, pescatarian or vegetarian, as these requirements can be met through our standard menu.

Main Menu

Monday 20th May to Friday 24th May 2024

Vegetarian Menu

Monday 20th May to Friday 24th May 2024

Whole meal bread, white bread, pitta bread, garlic bread and challah bites available every day.

Alternative meals available every day:

  • Whole meal pasta
  • Salad Bar with a variety of different vegetables
  • Jacket Potato Options (Baked Beans, Tuna or Cream Cheese)
  • Sandwich on request
  • Sauce of the week
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