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Inspection Reports

OFSTED Inspection


On November 21st 2017 Eden Primary received a Section 8 OFSTED inspection.

Please download the letter: Eden Section 8 OFSTED Letter

The school is proud to say that it remains a GOOD school and safeguarding is effective.

On July 2nd and 3rd 2013 Eden Primary received its first Section 5 OFSTED inspection.

Please download the report: Eden OFSTED Report

We were very happy with the positive outcome of this inspection. Overall and in each separate area inspected we received the grade of GOOD.

Pikuach Inspection


On the 26 & 27th July 2018, Eden Primary was inspected by Pikuach, the body that reports on the performance of Jewish schools in all aspects relating to Jewish Education. The inspections occur approximately every 5 years.

You can download the Pikuach report here: Eden Pikuach Report 2018

As you will see, we received a Grade of OUTSTANDING overall.

The school is extremely proud of this outcome. It means a great deal to us as it relates to the core of what the vision and ethos of Eden Primary is all about and comments extremely favorably on many of the unique aspects of an Eden Primary education in which Jewish and general education are integrated and in which creativity and outdoor education play a very important role.


Please note that Key Stage Two results will only be available from September 2018.