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How parents are involved in school life 

Community is a central part of our ethos at Eden Primary and parents are invited to be very involved in school life. We work hard to communicate effectively with parents. Each class has a daily newsletter or Eeton, informing parents about what has happened in the class that day. There is also a weekly newsletter from the Head Teacher with general news and information about the school.

We have termly Curriculum Evenings in which we explain to parents the focus for learning for the class over the coming term including ways that parents can support their children at home. We also hold regular parent workshops on other curriculum areas. We hold at least two Parent/Carer consultations with parents each year and there is a written report at the end of the year. Parents or teachers will also have informal face to face or telephone meetings to discuss any issues which may arise during the course of the year.

The Head Teacher holds regular feedback sessions for parents to meet with her over coffee and biscuits and share information about what is going well and areas for improvement or of concern. We ask parents for written feedback at each of the termly Curriculum Evenings as well as conducting an annual survey. The information gained from these results is carefully analysed by the school management team and policy or practice adapted as a result where necessary. Parents are kept informed of this process through the Head teacher’s weekly newsletter.

There is an active parents group supporting the community and fund raising life of the school and parents and carers are encouraged to volunteer providing support in the school on a regular or occasional basis. There are parent representatives on the school’s Governing Body.

We are always ready to talk to parents about any concerns they may have about their child. Parents are encouraged to talk with their child’s class teacher in the first instance, but are also welcome to make appointments with the Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher/ Inclusion Leader if they are still concerned.

For parents whose first language is not English, we have a number of members of staff who are able to act as interpreters or translators. If we do not have a suitable member of staff available we will hire the appropriate service from the local authority’s translation unit. For other parents who find it difficult to attend meetings or access school information, we work hard to identify the difficulty and put in place appropriate support to ensure their children are not disadvantaged.