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Our Results

Early Years Foundation

Standards in the Early Years Foundation Stage

We are delighted with the achievements of our youngest children at work and at play. The percentage of children in our Reception class achieving a good level of development (GLD) i.e. expected levels or better in maths, literacy and all primary goals is well above national levels.

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile 2015 GLD 2016 GLD 2017 GLD
School National School National School National**
% of children attaining good level of development (GLD)* 70 66 87 69 80 71

*A ‘good level of development score’ (GLD) is assigned to pupils achieving expected outcomes in all the prime areas of learning (personal, social and emotional development; physical development; and communication and language) and Mathematics and Literacy. Note that we have thirty children in each year group and that, for us, one child represents approx. 3%.

**unvalidated data

Key Stage One

Standards in Phonics

The percentages of our children who pass the Phonics Screening Test in Year 1 are well above national levels. Children retaking in Year 2 all pass the test with the exception of some children with significant SEN whose curriculum does not include phonics at present.

Phonics Screening Check for Year 1 pupils 2015 2016 2017
School National School National School National
% of Year 1 pupils reaching the expected standard 93 77 86.2# 80.6 96.7 81.4*
% of Year 2 pupils reaching the expected standard 100 90 100 91 89.3# Not yet known

#Note: The apparent dip in attainment in Year 1 2016/Year 2 2017 compared to the previous and following year can be accounted for by the unusually high number of children with significant Special Educational Needs in this group, for whom the Phonics Screening Test is educationally inappropriate at present.

*unvalidated data

Standards at the end of Key Stage One in 2016 (SATs Results)

Statutory assessment tests (SATs) assess children against a national standard. The 2016 tests were the first tests to reflect the new primary curriculum, which was introduced in 2014.

Teachers base their assessments on the work from across the curriculum that children have done in class during Key Stage 1. They also take into account their performance in national tests in reading and mathematics when making their judgements. There is no test for writing or science.

The final assessment describes children as:

  • Working towards the expected standard (WTS), or
  • Working at the expected standard (EXS), or
  • Working at a greater depth within the expected standard (GDS). There is no GDS in science


  2016 2017
Year 2 pupils
expected standard (EXS) %
Year 2 pupils
higher standard (GDS) %
Year 2 pupils
expected standard (EXS) %
Year 2 pupils
higher standard (GDS) %
School Nat’l School Nat’l School Nat’l* School Nat’l*
Reading 93 74 68.9 23.6 86 75.8 57 25.3
Writing 89.6 65.5 20.6 13.3 82 68.4 25 15.7
Mathematics 93 77.6 52 17.8 75 75.3 43 20.5
Science 100 81.8 n/a 93 82.3 n/a

*unvalidated data

We are very proud of the achievements of our Key Stage One pupils whose results are mostly significantly above national figures in all areas.

Key Stage Two

Standards at the end of Key Stage Two (SATs Results)

At present we have no results for Key Stage Two. As our school opened with a Reception class in 2011, our oldest children are now in Year 6 and our first SATs results for Key Stage Two will be in 2018.

We monitor the standards of children’s attainment and their progress in every class very carefully each half term in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for children.

Links to more information on attainment and progress

For more information on progress and attainment at Eden Primary and how it compares to other schools, please visit the DfE schools’ performance website at: